Maroua Ameziane Educator Impact Story (Morocco)

“Film is a powerful tool for social change because it is a form of proof, a proof that presents multiple answers about multiple questions, and if exploited correctly, a film can inspire a whole generation into acting for their communities.”

— Maroua Ameziane

Maroua Ameziane is a Changemaker, Educator and Philanthropist based in Ben Guerir, Morocco. For the SIMA SDG Challenge, Marouarlo chose to screen the film 16/6 which recounts the story of the terrible earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12, 2010 which resulted in the displacement of 1.5 million, the deaths of 300,000, and 10 billion m3 of debris from over 200,000 damaged buildings. The film highlights the 16/6 Project which was created to support the rehabilitation with community participation of damaged and dangerous neighborhoods and improving living conditions by promoting the establishment of basic social services prioritized by the community. Through the film, she encouraged the audience to connect with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Number 17: Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development.


Why did you choose the SIMA Academy film 16/6?

This film represented the power of unity, which attracted me and the organization committee as we always believe that everyone has something that if unified with others’, will lead to great results, and this film was the best example to showcase the importance and effect of partnerships. 

How did the screening meet your objectives for the overall event?

Our objectives for the event were mainly to motivate the attendees to step into the world of partnerships, learn new skills from each other, promote teamwork and most importantly showcase the reward of teamwork. The screening has provided us with a good example—or rather good proof that showcases the reward of teamwork.

Can you tell us if and how this event changed the audience’s awareness of the subject matter?

The event changed the audience’s awareness about the potential of partnerships and how all kinds of achievements can come from each one of them. They got more excited to start discovering this potential. They have shown a huge determination to leave their comfort zones to discover this potential.

What were the main topics of discussion at the event? 

The main topics that were discussed throughout the event were: 

— Moroccan society from different perspectives

— Youth role in the development of society

— The role of organizations in the development of society

Please share a memorable moment during your event.

Right after the screening was over and we started the activities, we received numerous requests to join World Merit that have made the organization committee and the president of World Merit, Rabat, cry tears of happiness and joy, as we didn’t expect to trigger the ambition of such a number of attendees. This encouraged us to continue providing a great experience for them and innovate new ideas where they can develop this ambition.