The Mahoyo Project

Filmmaker Q&A with Director Moira Ganley

What motivated you to make your impact video?

To show there is a positive and uplifting side to South Africa as opposed to the usual picture we see of Africa on our tv screen: sick children, riots, slums. On the flip-side there is this vibrant creative community that mirrors the creative community we have in Stockholm. We wanted to inspire change, and to inspire young women of colour from any nation to go out there, keep their minds open and do what they love.


Please provide a brief description of the work or organization featured in your video:

Mahoyo is an art, fashion and dj duo consists of Farah Yusuf and MyNa Do based in Stockholm, Sweden. We love to travel to find inspiration and illuminate subcultures, specifically within the urban music, fashion and art scene around the world. Throughout our work we use our creativity as a weapon to challenge norms and stereotypes.


What have you learned about the value and impact of the project?

That black stories matter, and more positive stories are needed.


What do you want audiences to take away from this video?

Constantly reassess your prejudices about other cultures and keep an open mind. To dare to do the things you dream of or believe in.


Please list key points that should be covered in a post-screening discussion:

White supremacy, cultural exchange, Mahoyo’s reasons/personal journey for wanting to produce this film.


What opportunities are available for those interested in getting further involved?

Connecting with Mahoyo for collaboration of some kind – within music, fashion or photography.


Please provide any additional resources (websites, links to additional videos, forms, articles, etc.) relevant to the context of the issue discussed in your video:


Is there a particular video, film, campaign or filmmaker that had a major influence on your career?

Spike Lee


Please tell us what camera(s) you shot with primarily – and any other special equipment that you used and why you used it.

5D Mark 3 – this was all that was available to us at the time!


Please share a personal story about your experience making this impact video.

I have never cried so much interviewing people. One of the girls in the dance group – V.I.N.T.A.G.E – Robyn – spoke a lot about ‘following your dreams’ in her interview and her truth and way of expressing herself made me blubber like a baby.


Please tell us about any special styles or techniques that you used during the production of your impact video to help tell your story.

Because we only had two mics, we arranged a lot of interview situations.


How did your story evolve from day one, to the very last day in post? Is your story what you thought it would be?

Early on we wanted to produce something about 10 minutes long. It ended up 30 minutes. Our goal was to film the process of creating a cultural exchange and in that respect our goals were met.


Please describe the most rewarding experience you had while making this impact video.

Meeting so many inspiring creatives.


What advice can you give to other impact filmmakers?

Just go for it. Say what you gotta say. Get it out.


What’s your favorite part about the filmmaking process and why?

The actual filming/production days – and seeing others view your film.


What’s the one item you always take with you when working out in the field and why? 

Pen and paper – you never know when you need to jot down notes.



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