Right to Identity

Filmmaker Q&A with Director Pep Bonet

What motivated you to make your impact video?

This was a commissioned assignment – technology meets humanity.


Please provide a brief description of the work or organization featured in your video:

This was a commissioned assignment by Millicom Foundation – changing lives through digital innovation


What have you learned about the value and impact of the project?

Necessity is the mother of invention – mobile technology is a driving force for change in Tanzania


What do you want audiences to take away from this video?

Tanzania sets an example of how technology can be used to secure human rights.


Please list key points that should be covered in a post-screening discussion:

  • Innovation in Africa.
  • How mobile technology has changed society across Africa


What opportunities are available for those interested in getting further involved?

Contact: Millicom/Tigo , UNICEF  Tanzania, RITA government agency

Please provide any additional resources (websites, links to additional videos, forms, articles, etc.) relevant to the context of the issue discussed in your video:

Contact: Millicom/Tigo , UNICEF  Tanzania, RITA government agency


Is there a particular video, film, campaign or filmmaker that had a major influence on your career?

Frederik Wiseman


Please tell us what camera(s) you shot with primarily – and any other special equipment that you used and why you used it.



Please share a personal story about your experience making this impact video.

One word says it all: “Karibu”


Please tell us about any special styles or techniques that you used during the production of your impact video to help tell your story. 

Work with a Gimball for camera stabilization.


How did your story evolve from day one, to the very last day in post? Is your story what you thought it would be?

You never know what or who you are going to find.


Please describe the most rewarding experience you had while making this impact video. 

Gaining the trust and access into people’s lives is always rewarding


What advice can you give to other impact filmmakers?

Do your own thing.


What’s your favorite part about the filmmaking process and why?

Working with a great team



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