Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution

Filmmaker Q&A with Director Matthew VanDyke

What motivated you to make this film?

In 2011 I fought in the Libyan Revolution as part of the rebel forces, where I was wounded and captured, spending nearly 6 months as a prisoner of war in two of Libya’s most notorious prisons before escaping prison and returning to combat on the front lines.  After we won the war in Libya, I wanted to help the Syrian Revolution.  I made this film to help build international support for the Syrian Revolution.


Can you describe any obstacles you encountered in making your film and/or in your distribution/exhibition efforts?

I self-financed the film, which cost me around $30,000.  Filming was dangerous.  We had to run across streets to avoid snipers, and there was the danger of mortars and aerial bombardment as well.  The Syrian government broadcast on television that I was a terrorist, which increased our risk of being kidnapped.


What do you want audiences to take away from your film?

I hope that audiences learn who the Syrian revolutionaries really are, and support them.


Please list key points that should be covered in a post-screening discussion:

How relatable the subjects of the film are to the audience, how Nour and Mowya seem just like someone they might know in their own lives.


Please provide information on any recent developments regarding the issue or subjects of the film. How have things changed or not changed?

Nour Kelze is still working as a photographer for Reuters and in 2013 became the first Syrian to win the International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) Courage in Journalism Award.


What opportunities are available for those interested in getting further involved?

Audiences can write to their Congressman or Congresswoman expressing support for the moderate Syrian rebels, and can give money for humanitarian relief for Syrians suffering from the war.


Please provide any additional resources (websites, links to additional videos, forms, articles, etc.):

Sons of Liberty International (SOLI)



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